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Skilled expertise in managing, hosting and supporting your marketing applications can save you time, money and migraines.

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Sophisticated and constantly-changing marketing applications often require a level of support beyond the capabilities of many internal IT departments.

There’s a reason “IT doesn’t get marketing” is a refrain often heard in companies today. Corporate CIOs are charged with creating secure, stable and consistent enterprise-wide systems with significant processes and infrastructure to support core business units and systems. Marketing departments, on the other hand, require applications that are readily accessible by partners and customers, rapidly responsive to market and competitive needs, and able to interact with external technologies in order to function.

That’s where Marketing Associates comes in. Our Application Management Services are designed to step into this breach by providing a powerful partnership of IT and Marketing – one that helps CMOs achieve their business goals while providing CIOs with peace of mind.

Our Application Management
Services Capabilities

  • SSAE 16 audit-certified data security
  • Scalable Storage
  • VMWare environment
  • Burstable bandwidth
  • Disaster Recovery Center
  • On-site Call Center
    • First level support
    • Issue tracking
  • Integrated Application and User Support Team
    • Second level support
    • Application on-demand training
    • Technical support
    • Application issue resolution

Our Application Management
Services Approach

  • Develop governance policies (data, users, application)
  • Develop Application Performance Management plan
    • Hosting configuration
    • Testing and monitoring procedures
    • Client issue notification and escalation plans
    • Established service levels for application performance, issue resolution
  • Develop application training materials
    • Online tutorials
    • Step-by-step guides
    • On-demand phone support
  • Develop application usage/compliance policies
    • Quality assurance process for application inputs
    • Reporting and monitoring
  • Manage and report
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