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Oh Boy! Case Studies! (Like you haven’t seen enough of these.)

But the ones below are actually pretty cool – and painlessly quick to review. More importantly, they worked. They got results. Whether you’re looking for a simple print brochure or eMail campaign, a sophisticated IT solution, or an integrated multi-channel marketing program, we’ve earned our stripes. And our clients’ kudos.

Check out a few examples below.

Multi-Channel  Marketing Program
Ford College Student Purchase Program

Client: Global Science & Technology Corporation

Project: eMarketing Pilot Program

Challenge: Improve on the client’s poorly-performing online lead generation program aimed at four key market segments; the campaign was generating few qualified leads.

Solution: Marketing Associates proposed an eMarketing pilot aimed at the four market segments that included a new landing page design and A/B testing, landing page optimization for natural (organic) search, managed paid search engine marketing and online B2B ad campaigns.

Results: The 60-day pilot produced almost 15 times the number of qualified leads as the client’s previous campaign.

Multi-Channel Marketing Program
Synergy Group

Client: Synergy Group

Project: New, Updated Corporate Website

Challenge: As one of the fastest growing construction companies in Michigan and Florida, Synergy Group needed a website that reflects their status as a premium, national-level builder as well as showcases their impressive portfolio of work in all major retail, commercial, industrial and governmental project categories.

Solution: Following extensive consultation and research to capture the full breadth of Synergy Group’s corporate history, culture, expertise, services and benefits, we created a web design incorporating the elegant simplicity and clean graphic lines that captured the company’s architectural inspiration and heritage. The site included a photo gallery of Synergy’s many completed buildings as well as a portfolio section that explored the firm’s deep expertise in a variety of industries and disciplines. A proprietary internal website component was also created for corporate-wide communications and enterprise systems management.

Results: Consistently positive responses from prospects and current clients alike were generated by this elegant and content-rich new web presence. The new internal systems website capabilities also enhanced their operations and internal communications systems.

Ad Campaign
Pentastar Aviation

Client: Pentastar Aviation

Project: Print Advertising Campaign

Challenge: Increase brand awareness and provide distinct corporate identity for an elite private aviation company, in the midst of challenging market conditions.

Solution: Marketing Associates created an ad campaign that paid homage to this aviation company’s proud 45-year pioneering heritage, while uniquely positioning private aviation as an invaluable business tool for busy executives who can’t afford to let time, money or opportunity slip through their hands. The proposition was this: With all the crucial business advantages of corporate aviation, can you really afford to fly commercial?

Corporate Branding
Palazzo di Bocce

Client: Palazzo di Bocce

Project: Corporate Identity and Brand Recognition Campaign

Challenge: Palazzo di Bocce presented a unique opportunity to build a brand identity for a one-of-a-kind venue. This all-new combination nightclub, restaurant and sports venue features the storied Italian sport of bocce (pronounced “bah-chee”) ball, including league play, corporate outings, singles and couples nights, as well as family and youth events.

Solution: MA worked in consultation with the clients and extensively researched the cultural heritage of bocce to create a classic-yet-modern European logo, theme, message tonality, color scheme and design elements. This iconic look and feel were carried through all of Palazzo di Bocce’s communication elements, from its website and ad campaign, to their brochure, menus, letterhead and business cards.

Results: The rich design and compelling message gave Palazzo di Bocce a unique identity and helped establish it as “America’s first palace of bocce.”

eMail Campaign
DPC eBlast

Client: International Chemical Sciences Company

Project: New Internal Website Launch

Challenge: Develop an eMail campaign to the client’s internal target audience that would generate awareness and involvement for the launch of a new internal website. The client’s goal was to produce a measurable response from 60 percent of their 7,900 business unit employees.

Solution: MA developed a powerful, six-week eBlast countdown campaign with carefully timed, multiple eMails to spur recipient visits to the new website. Involvement mechanisms included an educational online game with its own multi-tiered prizing strategy and fulfillment, as well as offline print and banner advertising.

Results: The 79 percent overall program participation surpassed our clients’ goal by 19 percent.

Company Brochure
RMA brochure

Client: A Global Automotive Fleet Supplier

Project: Comprehensive Corporate Brochure

Challenge: This multinational fleet and custom vehicle provider had always used PowerPoint presentations and hastily-assembled collateral materials to sell their firm’s services. The company had never had a comprehensive brochure detailing its many products and services.

Solution: Numerous client marketing and department manager interviews were conducted. Competitive product literature and internal sales documents were studied. Marketing management briefings detailed the company’s plans, goals and objectives to be reflected in their new brochure. Initial designs, organizational plans, colors and stylistic preferences were discussed and reviewed. The end result was a richly detailed brochure that compellingly presented their history, culture, products and services, while clearly defining them as leaders in the global marketplace.

Results: Clients were very pleased with their new brochure selling tool (and companion marketing materials). Their sales department reports highly positive client reaction to the new marketing elements and the resulting increased brand recognition within their target audiences.

Multi-Channel  Marketing Program
Fitness Driven

Client: Fitness Driven Mobile Training Studio

Project: Company Logo and Corporate I.D. Graphics

Challenge: Create a corporate logo and complete graphic look for a new start-up business called “Fitness Driven” that would serve as a visual mnemonic device to create brand identity and immediate recognition for the company. The company employs a unique mobile training studio inside a specially outfitted bus that travels to client locations to provide on-site fitness training for business executives pressed for time.

Solution: Several logo options and thematic variations were developed. The graphic design approach of the selected logo incorporates the perception of constant motion idealized in the healthy exercise philosophy of Fitness Driven, as well as a stylized version of the firm’s first-letter initials, “F” and “D” – rendered to communicate the appearance of a highway with centerline. We provided clients with corporate I.D. usage guidelines and multiple variations of the logo, such as color, grayscale and duo-tone.

Results: Clients enthusiastically embraced the new logo and immediately employed it throughout their marketing and communications efforts.

Trade Show Displays
Volkswagen Nationwide Dieselution Tour

Client: Volkswagen

Project: Nationwide Dieselution Tour

Challenge: Design powerful graphics and mobile marketing exhibit introducing the manufacturer’s new Clean Diesel Technology to a young audience.

Solution: Marketing Associates developed a logo, semi-trailer wrap, kiosk, display materials and diverse merchandise with a design theme inspired by green sensibility and vivid, natural beauty. Dieselution pens were made from recycled rubber and t-shirts were created with organic fabrics, underscoring the environmental consciousness important to a new generation of car buyers.

Results: The client generated wide awareness of and excitement for its Clean Diesel vehicles, engaging students and young audiences at universities and at high-attendance events across the country.

Multi-Channel  Marketing Program
Ford College Student Purchase Program

Client: Major Automotive OEM

Project: College Student Purchase Program

Challenge: Increase sales and market share to the critical 18-24 year age demographic (Millennials/Gen Y).

Solution: We developed an integrated multi-channel marketing program targeting college students in the areas they most frequent via the media they most use. We creatively leveraged both traditional (direct mail, magazine, Internet microsites, etc.) and non-traditional (Facebook fan page and widget, mtvU custom programming, experiential, etc.) strategies to optimize the marketing mix.

Results: Program sales increased over 30% during the first year, and 65% of sales were to new customers. The client realized a 21% gain in share within the targeted Millennials market since the Program’s redesign.

Multi-Channel  Marketing Program
Ford Mobility Motoring

Client: Major Automotive OEM

Project: New Internet Website Launch, POP Display and Literature

Challenge: Create a unique website as well as various consumer and dealer print and electronic materials that speak effectively to the specialized needs and capabilities of customers with disabilities.

Solution: MA created a bright, colorful, empowering website and retail POP display environment with printed materials that addressed the particular needs of customers with disabilities. Website design utilized increased font sizes and high-contrast color schemes for the visually disabled; text-to-speech technology, video and audio captions and transcript availability for the hearing impaired; keyboard-only browsing for motor-skills disabled users; as well as simplified navigation, site mapping and text-only options for those with cognitive impairments.

Results: The new website racked up a 400 percent increase (versus the previous site) in click-throughs to the OEM vehicle website and a 21 percent increase in website traffic in the months immediately following launch. Companion dealer and consumer materials effectively increased inquiries and dealership traffic.

Multi-Channel  Marketing Program
Marketing Intellgence

Client: Major Automotive OEM

Project: Vehicle Sales Customer Profiling

Challenge: Increase lead generation program productivity and effectiveness without increasing program budget, and determine how to spend the existing budget most intelligently.

Solution: After reviewing the current program analytics, MA proposed and defined a profiling (or predictive modeling) initiative to determine in advance the most promising leads and prospects to pursue. Most likely prospects were cored, ranked and targeted with group-specific marketing efforts over a 12-month period.

Results: Post-program analytics showed that prospects in the two highest ranks were indeed more productive, almost 80% more productive than the rest of the group. The customer profiling improved the quality of actionable leads, which in turn produced a higher close rate.

Multi-Channel  Marketing Program
College Student Purchase Program

Client: Major Automotive OEM

Project: College Student Purchase Program

Challenge: Generate greater online exposure to program among college students through viral marketing opportunities.

Solution: MA developed a custom Facebook widget designed to engage students and drive viral propagation through a “movie mogul challenge”; all user activity was communicated through newsfeeds, mini-feeds, profile boxes, personal eMails and Facebook inbox messages.

Results: Our client reached and engaged over 200,000 Facebook users through the unique widget application, compared to a typical studio movie with considerable advertising that gets 25,000-75,000 fans/friends on MySpace or Facebook.

Multi-Channel  Marketing Program
Ford Commercial Truck Division

Client: Commercial Truck Division, Major Automotive OEM

Project: Year-Round Targeted Direct Mail Campaign

Challenge: Develop an ongoing series of targeted direct mailings that would increase sales of medium- and light-duty trucks and parts to small- and medium-sized businesses. Each mailing needed to be customized to reflect the unique transportation needs of specific vocations and industries.

Solution: MA has developed and executed an integrated, data-driven marketing program for over 15 years for this client, including the following elements:

  • Proprietary database of North American businesses and their vehicle ownership
  • 4 million+ piece direct mail program segmented by business types and in-market predictive model
  • Interactive marketing program utilizing dedicated website to capture incentive program registrations
  • Data uploads to the client’s retail channel website providing geographically specific sales lead lists for salesperson follow-up
  • Claim administration of a private incentive offer to qualifying small businesses requiring proof of business for cash or upfit allowance
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting of program sales, results and return on investment

Results: The program has delivered over 1.5 million truck and van sales since its inception, helping our client accomplish and maintain the highest market share and loyalty within the commercial truck market.

Microsite & Landing Pages
DuPont landing page

Client: International Chemical Sciences Company

Project: Product Launch Landing Pages

Challenge: Generate lead traffic for five of the client’s key business segments.

Solution: Marketing Associates integrated advanced Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing tools to develop a microsite and customized landing pages that engaged targeted industry users. MA created A/B test versions of the pages, which offered premium content to prospective leads, product sample request forms, and opt-in newsletters and additional e-communications.

Results: Our client engaged nearly 35,000 unique visitors in a seven-month period through the compelling and strategically designed landing pages. The site appeared in search engine results over seven million times and generated close to 1,000 qualified leads; 6 percent were converted into new business.

Multi-Channel  Marketing Program
digital asset management

Client: Global Science & Technology Corporation

Project: Digital Asset Management Revamp

Challenge: Inefficient processes and a lack of resources significantly hindered the client’s global digital asset management system.

Solution: Marketing Associates developed and completely re-launched an asset management system with new features and enhancements that included eMail notification of new or modified assets, updated folder structure and permissions methodology, revised metadata and naming conventions, on-demand user training, tiered user support system, an asset customization tool for distributors and agency partners, and more.

Results: The user community activity, from all client global regions, marketing agencies and distribution partners, has increased by 70%. Users report a significant improvement in marketing efficiency, system accessibility, response time, and user training and support.

Multi-Channel  Marketing Program
Ford College Student Purchase Program

Client: 75-year-old manufacturer of commercial vehicle equipment

Project: Dealer/Distributor Rewards Program

Challenge: The client, a manufacturer, seller and installer of commercial vehicle equipment to both large and small fleets, came to Marketing Associates in need of a new dealer and distributor rewards program to reinvigorate sales. The goals of the program included:

  • Increasing sales and installation of specific products to commercial vehicle customers through a broader distribution channel
  • Rewarding dealerships and distributor/installers for increasing sales

Solution: Based on the client’s initial input and Marketing Associates’ experience managing a variety of incentive, recognition and loyalty programs, we proposed a rewards program designed to include a custom “debit” card for dealership sales consultants, as well as a point system to measure and reward distributors. Marketing Associates designed a preliminary strategy for review and, utilizing a 10-step process, developed an effective program plan and design – including a mechanism for measuring program effectiveness. The program successfully launched within two months of the initial discovery.

Results: An increased distribution base has provided the client with a significant competitive advantage. Year-over-year, the program has nearly tripled the number of registered dealers and doubled the number of registered distributors. Most strikingly, participation as measured by claim volume has increased twelve-fold.

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