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Your eMarketing efforts can play a big role in informing the world whether your company is part of the past, or part of the future.

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Companies today are often challenged to successfully identify and harness all of the eMarketing opportunities available to them. Truly effective eMarketing is more than merely designing and developing a good website; there are a number of tools and tactics that contribute to your eMarketing success.

Great eMarketing requires a comprehensive strategy that synergizes your company’s business model and sales goals with its digital appearance and functionality. At Marketing Associates, we have extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of eMarketing, including website design and development, customer relationship management-based eMail initiatives, wireless media applications, search engine marketing and search engine optimization, online community programs, blogs, software widget authoring and more.

We’re fully equipped to help you solve the eMarketing equation.

Our eMarketing Capabilities

  • Award-winning creative design and copywriting
  • Website design and hosting
  • Database and list management
  • Social Media planning and implementation
  • Offer fulfillment and sweepstakes administration
  • Onsite call center for program administration
  • End-to-end analytics and reporting
  • Website measurement and analytics

Our eMarketing Approach

  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Identify and recommend eMarketing solutions
  • Create eMarketing execution plan
  • Use disciplined eMarketing process to optimize customer interactions:
    • Promote and attract
    • Inform and assist
    • Guide and sell
    • Serve and support
    • Retain
  • Track, measure and analyze results
  • Continuous improvement based on key learnings
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