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There is nothing more valuable
in the world of sales than
a great lead.

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Marketing Associates understands clearly that success in today’s marketplace demands comprehensive lead generation and lead management programs that deliver high-quality prospects.

Over the last decade, Marketing Associates has developed the tools and ability to consistently sift nuggets of gold from the rocky soil of the marketplace. Lead generation has become a computer science in its own right and MA is one of the nation’s leading practitioners of this increasingly valuable discipline.

But it’s not just about lead generation. It’s about lead generation management – about astutely managing an entire process to powerfully optimize the results of all your lead generation efforts. Our wealth of data mining, data management and analytical tools will help you do just that. Marketing Associates will help you successfully integrate key activities like message/content development, lead management practices and lead-building tools. Marketing Associates is also SSAE 16 –certified. This stringent national data security standard verifies that we make our client's data security a top priority.

The result: a continuous flow of high-quality prospects for your sales team.

Our Lead Generation
and Management Capabilities

  • Conversion/response strategy, design
    and copywriting expertise
  • Over 20 years' analytics experience designing sales lead and behavioral scoring models
  • Highly sophisticated database management and data mining/filtering disciplines, including more than 30 client prospect and customer data vaults
  • In-house management of the leading business database for B2B lead generation programs
  • SSAE 16 audit–certified data security
  • Online marketing/lead generation management, including paid search engine campaigns, blog responses and paid listing strategies

Our Lead Generation
and Management Approach

  • Establish a measurement platform
  • Develop destination landing pages
  • Drive traffic from online and offline tactics
  • Convert to hand-raisers using premium content
  • Engage in conversation through eMail and telemarketing
  • Score leads and interactions on potential and level of interest
  • Optimize performance through continuous measurement and improvement
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