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Optimal performance in
business today requires accessing assets at
market speed.

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At Marketing Associates, we know that the creation and oversight of an organization’s Marketing Asset Management system (MAM) doesn’t have to be a complex and daunting task. And done right, it’s a corporate lifesaver.

Many present-day company MAM systems have morphed over time from various single department efforts into a crazy-quilt digital patchwork without a unifying vision, scope or governance. Whether your business is large or small, Marketing Associates has the ideal solution. Imagine your entire company’s collection of video, audio, print literature, logo art, photography, illustrations, blueprints, CAD files and presentations – digitally captured and organized into a single, secure, easily accessed and shared database.

Bringing order to chaos, as we have for large multinational corporations as well as small-scale enterprises, is the most compelling reason Marketing Associates should manage your MAM system. Not the only reason, however – our MAX web-based application brings not only order, but speed and simplicity to asset management. In addition, our experience and expertise provide disciplined structure, the most advanced technology, SSAE 16 –certified data security, relevant training and personalized, long-term support.

Our Marketing Asset
Management Capabilities

  • MAX (Marketing Asset eXchange) is our secure, scalable, web-accessed database solution
  • SSAE 16 audit–certified data security
  • Onsite call center (first-level support with issue tracking)
  • Integrated application and user support team (second-level support, on-demand training, issue resolution)
  • In-house creative and production staff (extensive asset management experience, asset creation/modification services)
  • Customized add-on solutions for key user enhancements (asset customization tool, asset storefront, asset search interface)

Our Marketing Asset
Management Approach

  • Develop system governance policies
  • Develop application performance management plan
  • Develop application training materials
    • Online tutorials
    • Step-by-step guides
    • On-demand phone support
  • Develop application usage/compliance policies
    • Quality assurance process
    • Reporting and monitoring
  • Management and reporting
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