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incentives & program administration

Incentives done right
not only build sales,
but brand loyalty as well.

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Whether the goal is to reward your employees, your distributors or your customers, we create, execute and manage incentive programs that inspire people to action.

Marketing Associates has a long and successful track record of developing and administering various incentive programs – private offers, sweepstakes, spin-to-wins, co-op programs, loyalty incentives and more. From research and strategy through creative execution, claim redemption and measurement, we offer comprehensive solutions to help increase employee motivation, sales and customer loyalty.

We also provide a full range of top-quality promotional and incentive products designed to boost motivation and build brand loyalty.

Our Incentives & Program
Administration Capabilities

  • Strategic planning
  • Campaign development
  • Online communications portals
  • Enterprise-wide program administration
  • Claim redemption
  • Auditing
  • Measurement

Our Incentives & Program
Administration Approach

  • Determine sales/response goals and baseline sales rate
  • Profile potential customers and identify buying behavior/motivations
  • Design incentive program offer, program rules and execution plan
  • Develop promotional plan to build offer awareness
  • Administer offer with closed loop claim process
  • Track, measure and analyze outcomes
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